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The "Cavalier Franco Carella" coffee school was recently established in honor of the Moka Rica patron, who passed away in 2010.

The excellence of the individual coffee processing stages is not sufficient to ensure the achievement of "total quality": the support of a valid coordination and control system is required, as well as continuous staff training.

Every barista can improve themself by offering their customers the utmost level of quality. At the Cav. Franco Carella coffee school we try to hone your professional skills so that you can gain new experiences and become true experts not just in coffee, but in Italian coffee.
Passion inspires us, tradition guides us. By maintaining high quality standards, our goal is to meet the needs of our customers. And this is why we provide a fully equipped bar room to be able to convey our passion to those who are entering this sector, perhaps for the first time, through basic level training courses.
For those, on the other hand, who are more experienced and want to deepen only some aspects of the barista profession, we have designed more specific courses that will certainly increase the professionalism of those participants, training them to be confident and experts in their craft."

The school is located in a large building adjacent to Moka Rica to ensure privacy and freedom.
The teaching room is set up exactly like a real bar with state-of-the-art equipment that allows for advanced theoretical and practical training.

Two large screens project the instructor's images as they explain, so that everyone can learn to the fullest.

The courses are taught by various professionals in the sector.

A registration form is required as each course is limited to ensure a better interaction between instructor and participant.
At the end of each course, a certificate will be issued based on the course attended.
Topics covered:

• Barista ethics and professional ethics, how to work and how to behave inside the bar, we communicate our professionalism.
• Features, operation and maintenance of the coffee grinder and the espresso machine.
• The perfect espresso: how to prepare an espresso, short, long, with alcohol, American-style coffee; simulations for the collective analysis of correct working methods and mise en place.
• The milk cream: study of the various types of milk, preparation technique, cappuccino and espresso derivatives (macchiato, frothed coffee, latte macchiato).
• Specialty coffees
• Hints of milk art

Espresso and cappuccino
All that is useful to know for always perfect execution.
Duration: about 4 hours

Advanced coffee bar
Gourmet coffee ideas
Shaken coffee
Classic and flavored hot chocolate
Processing with topping for decorated cappuccinos and coffees
Duration: about 4 hours

Milk art
Duration: about 6 hours

The creations of our students

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